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As financial crime threats continue to evolve, preventing illicit activity has become increasingly important for policymakers, law enforcement agencies, regulators, financial institutions, and other vulnerable industries around the world. It is critical for financial institutions and other actors connected to the financial system to have staff that are trained and continuously informed to identify, prevent, and address ongoing and emerging threats such as money laundering, terrorist financing, and sanctions evasion. 

K2 Integrity’s team of experts, which includes framers of the modern global counter-illicit financing regime, has produced a set of premier training and certification programs—leveraging technology and subject-matter expertise to prepare today’s regulators, law enforcement agencies, and compliance and risk management professionals for an evolving threat landscape.

Our Dedicated Online Financial Integrity Network (DOLFIN) eLearning platform creates direct access to training, tools, analysis, and other resources informed and maintained by the collective risk and compliance experience of our professionals, including former senior government officials, regulators, compliance officers, academics, and consultants. We have designed our programs to be adaptable and flexible, allowing each client the ability to create a curriculum that addresses its current and ongoing training and certification needs. 

Our programs deliver:

  • Training: Discussion-based modules and scenario-based learning to develop and apply technical expertise through an accessible and engaging format.
  • The DOLFIN Advantage: Content that is continually created, updated, and curated via our eLearning platform, DOLFIN.
  • Membership: Participation in a global community working to protect the financial system from abuse by illicit actors.
  • Certification: Examinations that test candidates’ ability to identify, assess, and manage financial crime and illicit financing risks associated with real-world scenarios. Our certifications are recognized globally as the standard for financial integrity.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a personal discussion about how our programs can help your organization stay ahead of financial crime risks.

Sectors We Serve

Find out why a growing number of organizations are using K2 Integrity’s programs for training, certification, and continuing education. 

"K2 Integrity’s International Financial Sanctions Compliance Officer (IFSCO) training and certification program is a standard of excellence in the industry. Their instructors are not just leading experts on sanctions, AML, and other illicit finance issues, but they are highly engaging and effective teachers who have been instrumental in helping us establish a culture of compliance via building a community of experts across our global enterprise. Our practitioners look forward to attending both the IFSCO certification training and yearly Continuing Education sessions, which provide thoughtful scenario-based lessons that we can apply on the job to better assess and manage risk." -C.O.O., Compliance – Global Financial Institution

We customize our training programs to fit the need of each organization. Our subject-matter experts and senior trainers work with each client to assess its staff’s current skill set and provide recommendations on the right topics, materials, and testing to augment their existing skills and build new skills to address emerging risks. 

We develop tailored programs for:

  • Financial institutions and vulnerable corporates
  • Regulators, financial intelligence units (FIUs), policy makers, and law enforcement agencies
  • Financial Technology Companies (FinTechs)
  • Non-profit and charitable organizations


K2 Integrity provides standardized and tailored training for clients in all areas of financial crimes compliance and risk management, including AML/CFT, economic sanctions, fraud, and anti-bribery and corruption (ABC).

Our trainings stand out at the top of the industry because of the experts that design and lead our programs. The senior policy makers that shaped the modern counter-illicit financing regime are part of our faculty—developing new standardized and custom courses, content, and live trainings to meet the evolving needs of the global counter-illicit financing mission and our clients. 

Clients rely on us to deliver:

  • In-depth understanding of the global regulatory landscape. Our senior faculty leverages its decades of experience and government network to ensure that all of our trainings meet current global standards and address emerging areas of risk.
  • Customized programs. No two organizations are alike when it comes to their training needs and goals and we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We work with each client to evaluate the organization’s risk profile, review their staff experience and seniority, and assess each department’s subject-matter focus and expertise. Based on this evaluation, we use our flexible DOLFIN platform to select program components that fit within an organization’s schedule, culture, and goals, including:

    • Live in-person or virtual discussion sessions as well as on-demand training modules and programs
    • Courses that range from one day to two weeks
    • Targeted modules that can be completed in several micro-learning sessions or within a single day
    • Certificate-based courses centered around specialized subject areas
  • Interactive learning. We believe that truly impactful and beneficial training requires more than just sitting through a lecture and taking a test. Our training modules are designed to help our client’s staff not just learn the concepts but apply them to fact pattern scenarios that reflect their everyday tasks and work product. 

Contact us for more information or to schedule a personal discussion about how our programs can help your organization stay ahead of financial crime risks.

The DOLFIN Advantage

The Dedicated On-Line Financial Integrity Network (DOLFIN) is a seamless eLearning platform that offers customizable and scalable training solutions.

Through DOLFIN we deliver certification exams, on-demand training courses, and continuing education—all in one easy-to-use platform. Our materials are developed and continually updated and reviewed by our senior subject-matter experts to ensure they address the latest regulatory guidance and emerging issues. 

  • On-Demand Courses: Designed and developed by K2 Integrity in partnership with a leading video production studio, current courses include Foundations of Anti-Money Laundering and Foundations of U.S. Sanctions. The courses are 60 minutes long and self-paced through short videos and knowledge checks, with a multiple choice test at the end. Certificates of completion may be saved and printed. 
  • E-Learning Plans (ELPs): Recommended training and continuing education resources tailored to different roles, including front-line workers, sanctions analysts, sanctions managers, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) analysts, AML managers, board and senior management, threat finance analysts, and financial investigators. Additional ELPs focus on specific risk areas such as trade finance, correspondent banking, and virtual currencies. ELPs can be modified to incorporate any content on DOLFIN and/or material provided by the client such as client policies and procedures.
  • Instructional Videos: Financial crimes compliance (FCC) experts discussing the nuances of complex issues, such as trade finance and correspondent banking risks, U.S. jurisdiction, non-bank payments, FATF blacklisting, and Section 311 of the USA PATRIOT Act.
  • Client Supervisor Portal and User Reporting: An administrative portal that allows managers to design and assign ELPs, courses, and other content to individuals and teams, and to track their progress. DOLFIN offers supervisors the ability to pull a comprehensive user completion report, tracking user progress against all training, testing, and certification items. Clients use this capability to integrate DOLFIN user metrics with learning histories in their existing Learning Management Systems to maintain a comprehensive record and meet human resourcing and audit requirements.
  • FIN Library: The FIN Library contains regularly updated, user-friendly written materials—enhanced by video explainers and visual diagrams—across a comprehensive scope of counter-illicit finance (CIF)/FCC topics. These topics include: 

    • Global CIF framework
    • AML/CFT
    • Sanctions and export controls
    • Anti-Bribery and corruption
    • Fraud
    • Proliferation finance
    • Investment security
    • FCC enforcement actions
  • FIN Hub: Analysis and commentary from K2 Integrity senior financial crimes risk and compliance professionals on global illicit finance trends and regulatory developments, enforcement action takeaways, and implications for financial institutions, other businesses, and government authorities. Multimedia content on FIN Hub includes:

    • Policy Alerts and DOLFIN Updates written by K2 Integrity experts on critical FCC developments and regulatory news.
    • Webinars (live and on-demand) featuring K2 Integrity and other experts discussing cutting-edge topics and emerging developments in financial integrity and security.
    • FINCast, DOLFIN’s podcast series of in-depth discussions by K2 Integrity experts and guest partners on important CIF/FCC issues.
    • “Chairman’s Corner” videos featuring K2 Integrity Global Co-Managing Partner Juan Zarate’s strategic perspective on topical events and current trends.
  • Toolkit: Provides practical tools and instruments to assist financial integrity professionals, including our AML Act Implementation Guide, our Regulatory Round-Up, AML enforcement and sanctions enforcement trackers, a red flag database, interactive maps on sanctions and central bank digital currencies, and a CIF/FCC glossary.
  • COVID-19 Resources: Dedicated material that addresses financial crime risks specifically related to the COVID-19 global environment.
  • Notifications: Users may set preferences to receive email notifications when the DOLFIN platform is updated with new content.

Within the DOLFIN platform, we have created a community center to provide a virtual collaborative workspace that brings together diverse communities of practice across the public and private sector to discuss and share best practices on financial integrity issues. In the community center, members will find: 

  • A continually updated feed of information based on new K2 Integrity content, news from around the world on financial integrity issues, and posts and comments from K2 Integrity experts and other CIF/FCC professionals.
  • A forum for posting, commenting, and posing questions on industry news and other developments. Posts can be either attributed or anonymous and enterprises can control whether and which of their users have the ability to post comments.
  • The ability to create and join communities of interest exclusive to the member organization, in collaboration with other select institutions, or across all FIN members.
  • Automated email notifications for individual members if (1) they are tagged in a post or comment, (2) someone has commented on a post they created, or (3) someone comments on a post on which they have commented.
  • An events calendar displaying upcoming webinars and other events of interest.

Request a DOLFIN Demo

DOLFIN is a seamless eLearning platform and online interface that offers comprehensive continuing education, training, testing, and certification resources and risk management tools for professionals working in financial crimes compliance.

FIN Membership

Even when an organization is not currently enrolled in one of our training programs, staff members can stay in the loop on the latest news, insights, and community discussions with an annual FIN membership. 

FIN members will have access to:

  • Preferential pricing for future K2 Integrity training and certifications, access to the DOLFIN Community Center, and participation in FIN events 
  • A daily curated news digest delivered to your inbox
  • Regular updates, insights, and analysis from K2 Integrity experts delivered to your inbox 
  • 24/7 Access to the DOLFIN Community Center, where FIN members can connect with the global DOLFIN community and post and read messages about new AML/CFT developments

Contact us for more information or to schedule a personal discussion about how our programs can help your organization stay ahead of financial crime risks.


We have developed standardized and bespoke training programs designed to test and certify professionals who demonstrate the technical expertise, skills, and judgment required to understand and effectively manage evolving financial crimes risk. 

Unlike other programs that utilize static study guides and outdated training techniques, rely on exams that test memorization skills, and offer one-size-fits-all certifications, K2 Integrity’s certification programs utilize training content and learning materials that are continually created, updated, and curated on our eLearning platform; an exam that tests the application of judgment and knowledge in real-world scenarios; and a certification that is globally recognized as the standard for financial integrity.

Our certification programs:

Global Sanctions Certification Program

Our program equips compliance professionals with the knowledge, tools, and rigorous methodologies they need to address the ever-expanding complexities of 21st-century sanctions risks. The program has three core elements:

  • Training: The training element enables participants to develop and hone their technical expertise; equips them with a consistent methodology for identifying, assessing, and managing sanctions-related risk in a rigorous and practical way; and prepares candidates for the certification examination.
  • Testing and Evaluation: The required examination is designed to test candidates’ technical sanctions-related knowledge and their ability to identify, prioritize, and address risks associated with real-world sanctions compliance scenarios. 
  • The DOLFIN Platform: Candidates enrolled in the program will receive access to DOLFIN and a specialized eLearning Plan (ELP) that will guide them through expertly curated reading modules, videos, “FINCast” podcasts, and other resources to help them prepare for the certification examination. The exam will be administered on the DOLFIN platform, and continuing education credits also will be available through DOLFIN to enable participants to maintain their certifications.
Coming soon: Global AML/CFT Certification Program