In the face of the expanded CFIUS authorities, there is a substantial premium for investors and businesses to more effectively manage potential national security and CFIUS risks that could delay or hinder transactions.

In collaboration with Lexology, on 8 April 2020 K2 Intelligence FIN presented a webinar that discussed the implications of the new CFIUS and FIRRMA regulations for M&A and other foreign investments and analyzed how best to assess and mitigate those risks through business intelligence and the development of effective compliance and mitigation frameworks, including:

  • Key changes to CFIUS and recent developments with the enactment of FIRRMA
  • The impact on M&A and private equity transactions and on important sectors such as technology, FinTech, artificial intelligence, healthcare, and real estate
  • Utilizing third-party providers to identify threats and vulnerabilities to foreign investment transactions
  • Implementing efficient compliance and mitigation solutions that effectively respond to CFIUS demands and concerns in both the near and long term

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