This is the first opportunity in a decade to invest in a country with pressing engineering and construction needs along with the abundant natural resources to pay for development. The best time to invest is at the start of peace, but while the rewards are high, so too are the risks. Mithat Yenigun, head of the Turkish Contractors Association, estimates that contracts in the construction sector alone will exceed US$50 billion in post-conflict Libya.

Join us to hear a panel of experts—including Sabrine Hassen and John Davie of Altra Capital—discuss how to reap some of the benefits of operating in cash-rich post-conflict Libya, including:

  • How Turkish and Chinese contractors have a certain advantage with established networks
  • The new networks that will emerge as a new government is being formed
  • How Libya will be looking for European, North American, Japanese, South Korean, and Arab construction expertise
  • Risk-mitigation strategies for investments in development and construction projects

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