On 16 June 2021, Eric Lorber testified during a U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services hearing on “Schemes and Subversion: How Bad Actors and Foreign Governments Undermine and Evade Sanctions Regimes.” Eric’s testimony focused on the importance of countering sanctions evasion, which can undermine the successful use of these powerful tools of economic statecraft. According to Eric, “[W]ithout effective efforts to counter evasion, our sanctions programs are less impactful, less likely to achieve U.S. national security objectives, and more likely to cause pain to innocents.” He also testified concerning ways in which the public and private sector can detect and disrupt evasion activity, including:

  • Effective intelligence collection
  • Aggressive designation activity
  • Providing the private sector with the right tools
  • Identifying and tackling emerging areas of risk
  • Internationalizing the fight

Read Eric’s prepared testimony at this link, or watch the full hearing on the House of Representative’s website.