In “The Woman Who Conned Hollywood” (17 Nov. 2018), the Daily Mail reports on the continuing investigation into a sophisticated impersonation scam targeting powerful female entertainment executives. Snežana Gebauer, executive managing director at K2 Intelligence, describes how simple it is for the fraudster to obtain information about the executives: “There are interviews and videos of them speaking on sites such as YouTube, so it’s easy for a good mimic.” Nicoletta Kotsianas, a director at K2 Intelligence, discusses the emotional toll on the victims, who “suffer long-term psychological effects from [the scheme]—they are emotionally traumatized.”

The article highlights K2 Intelligence’s continued investigation into the impersonation; the firm represents several clients embroiled in the impersonation scam. This scam—and K2 Intelligence’s involvement in the investigation—was originally highlighted by the Hollywood Reporter in “Hunting the Con Queen of Hollywood: Who’s the ‘Crazy Evil Genius’ Behind a Global Racket?” (11 July 2018) and “FBI Opens Investigation Into Hollywood’s Notorious ‘Con Queen’” (27 Aug. 2018).

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