In “‘Con Queen of Hollywood’ Arrested (Exclusive)” (2 December 2020), Scott Johnson of The Hollywood Reporter independently confirms the arrest of the individual known as the Con Queen of Hollywood. Below is the full statement by Jules Kroll, co-founder and executive chair of K2 Integrity, on behalf of the firm:

“K2 Integrity commends the collaborative efforts of the United States, British, and Indonesian law enforcement agencies for their work in bringing the individual known as the ‘Con Queen of Hollywood’ to justice. We are immensely proud of the investigative tradecraft used by our team, led by Nicoletta Kotsianas, to combat and unmask the threat actor and stop the impersonation scam. Leveraging the resources of our firm, we continued on the investigation to prevent more individuals from being scammed, contributing our time on a pro bono basis for the better part of two years.

By bringing attention to the impersonation of powerful women in Hollywood and of other prominent high-net-worth individuals, we believe many potential victims were not taken in fully by the scam, which included fronting money—for travel to Indonesia as well as for other expenses—that was never reimbursed.

We are pleased that our referrals to law enforcement officials in multiple agencies and jurisdictions have played a part in ending the actions by this nefarious individual.”

Read the full article here, and take a deep dive on the investigation into the Con Queen here.