(4 September 2019) — K2 Intelligence’s investigation into the Con Queen of Hollywood has been elevated by the FBI today, who announced the launch of a web form to identify those who may have fallen victim to the perpetrator’s acts. We encourage anyone who may have been victimized in this scam to visit the portal, and complete the FBI’s questionnaire.

K2 Intelligence’s investigation continues to be led by Nicoletta Kotsianas. Nicoletta has helped shed light on the impersonations of powerful women in Hollywood and other, prominent high-net-worth individuals, as well as those taken in by the fraudulent scam by travelling to Indonesia and fronting money never to be reimbursed. 

The investigation is chipping away at this sophisticated impersonation scam. The fraudster has successfully impersonated the voice and mannerisms of leading executives and producers—a “Who’s Who” of Hollywood and high-net-worth individuals—all to defraud a number of Hollywood industry insiders and influencers, ranging from make-up artists to photographers to stunt men, of many thousands of dollars each. 

According to Nicoletta Kotsianas, senior director in the firm’s New York office, “This is a particularly well-devised scam, they've found a way to combine a lot of elements and run with it.” The investigation and impersonation scam was initially highlighted by The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline.com, and since then has been widely followed by media and industry insiders. 

High-profile individuals are popular targets when it comes to similar crimes, especially in this age of extensive social media usage. Snežana Gebauer, head of K2 Intelligence’s Investigations and Disputes practice, explains, “There is an important element of social engineering going on with these victims. They know everything about their victims' personal lives and use the necessary pressure points, and they use publicly available information about the executives they are impersonating.”

Backed by the global reach of a network built over decades, K2 Intelligence’s team—including former prosecutors, law enforcement agents, cyber experts, research analysts, and forensic accountants—has the proven ability to help clients investigate, identify, and disrupt such fraudulent schemes.

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