New York – 27 June 2017 – K2 Intelligence, an industry-leading investigative, compliance and cyber defense services firm, today announced the launch of AgileTechnologies, an in-house technology lab charged with building tailored compliance and investigative technology solutions to meet the complexities of a wide range of client engagements. Operating at the intersection of financial services technology, intelligence gathering, and the application of investigative techniques, the team’s innovation is essential to effectively address the firm’s work with a broad landscape of client challenges.

The AgileTechnologies team, comprising software developers, data specialists, business process experts, and system engineers, is deployed by client-facing practitioners at the start of each client engagement to assess the situation and then incubate the most efficient, actionable, and often customized technology solution to achieve the client’s goals. The AgileTechnologies team has an advanced understanding of the capabilities, strengths and limitations of a wide range of software, data discovery solutions, artificial intelligence techniques and investigative tools and has the ability to deliver end-to-end client solutions based on automation and machine learning that relate directly to the client’s business. They offer turn-key technology tailored for clients of all sizes and do so without creating lengthy learning curves.

“Technology is changing the fundamental nature of our work. With AgileTechnologies we are infusing entrepreneurism into the development of technologies in the compliance space and for investigative purposes. This nurturing of innovation, without relying on static frameworks or protocols, gives us the opportunity to identify, preview, select, and develop customized solutions for difficult challenges. By customizing the functionality of a tool, better results are achieved and efficiencies are increased in terms of time and cost,” said Jeremy Kroll, CEO and founder of K2 Intelligence.

K2 Intelligence’s foremost regulatory compliance and investigative technology manager and developer, Omer Khan, has been tapped to head the AgileTechnologies team, whose lab will be based in New York. Since joining K2 Intelligence’s anti-money laundering technology team in 2015, Mr. Khan and his team have mainstreamed innovations needed in the normalization and standardization of transactional data, built out automated systems critical in the analysis and tracking of suspicious activity reports (SARs) in financial services lookbacks, and transitioned clients doing manual risk assessments to customized tools created specifically for them that are quicker and more cost effective. His team has also worked alongside the firm’s other practices, and have created individualized tools needed for many investigative challenges. It has used customized machine learning to search through enormous quantities of unstructured emails to find answers in a cyber breach, creatively normalized disparate datasets for a major litigation, and developed smart systems and flexible workflow modules used in case management.

“There is no such thing as a routine client situation, no matter how many times we have encountered something similar. A technology that might be effective for one client’s workflow or investigation, might not work for the next. We must act efficiently and quickly in nurturing new solutions to manage the challenge at hand. Omer and the AgileTechnologies team have embraced this new way of working that includes taking risks, learning constantly, and asking questions,” said Thomas Bock, executive managing director and head of the Regulatory Compliance practice at K2 Intelligence.