Nicoletta Kotsianas is an associate managing director in K2 Integrity’s New York office in the Investigations and Risk Advisory practice. She focuses on litigation support, pretransactional due diligence, asset searches, and targeted research for high-net-worth clients. Nicoletta draws on her financial markets expertise to help clients weigh risks and exposures through a combination of deep analysis of public records and targeted source inquiries that identify actionable intelligence and unearth information not visible in the public record. She also manages complex engagements on a variety of matters, designing approaches to develop business intelligence used in support of litigation and leading investigations designed to unmask anonymous threat actors lurking online.

Before joining K2 Integrity, Nicoletta spent more than a decade working within and covering the credit markets, with a specialty in contextualizing arcane corners of the markets. She served as an associate director of research for the commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) group at Kroll Bond Ratings Agency, Inc. (KBRA). Prior to KBRA, Nicoletta was a senior investigative reporter and editor for a variety of Wall Street publications tracing developments within the securitization, high-yield, distressed debt and bankruptcies, and credit derivatives markets.

Nicoletta received a B.A. in journalism and media studies with a minor in philosophy from Rutgers University.


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Representative Matters

  • Cyber-Stalking Investigations: Nicoletta led a team in a cyber-stalking investigation that resulted in the unmasking of a perpetrator harassing and threatening a celebrity. Nicoletta worked with law enforcement to confront the perpetrator with the evidence and stop the harassment.
  • Identify Theft Investigations: On behalf of a high-profile executive in the entertainment industry, Nicoletta led an international investigation into an impersonation ring that involved luring people overseas in a financial scam. She served as the liaison to multiple law enforcement agencies and pieced together a dossier on victims, the threat actors’ cyber footprints, and the high-profile individuals being targeted.
  • Asset Investigations: In support of a client enforcing a court judgment, Nicoletta assisted in conducting an international asset investigation into a sovereign nation. Nicoletta’s team was able to confirm the ownership of a range of assets across seven different countries, successfully freeze assets, and ultimately secure a $50 million+ recovery for the client.