Art Risk Advisory

We admire them. Treasure them. Collect them. Put significant financial resources toward obtaining them. Place our trust in those who broker their sale and procurement on our behalf. Yet the buying and selling of art, antiquities, collectibles, and wine occurs in one of the last remaining and largest unregulated marketplaces in the world, rife with the potential of fraud, imposters, and financial risk.

Whether it’s a Jackson Pollock painting, a Jeff Koons sculpture, the Hammer Stradivarius, an Athenian amphora, a bottle of shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck, or Mark Wells’ 1980 Olympic gold medal, the K2 Integrity team understands the intricacies of the markets in which these rare artifacts are bought and sold. Equally as important, we understand the cast of characters who are operatives in these markets. We provide our clients with transparency in this often opaque world to ensure their transactions are legitimate.

Before acquisitions are made, during ownership, or upon sale, we work with collectors and dealers of art, antiquities, collectibles, and wine to evaluate potential transactions; maintain physical security during storage, display, and transport; resolve complex frauds and disputes; and track down missing property. Our team includes former law enforcement officials specializing in art investigations, as well as art history, art market, asset tracking, and forensic accounting experts. Whether the client is a collector, an artist, a dealer, a law firm, a lender, an insurance company, or a cultural institution, our team is ready to help them to protect their financial interests and the interests of those they represent.

When issues of rights, provenance, and authenticity arise, clients also turn to K2 Integrity for support in fact-finding, witness location, and evidence-gathering services. Through extensive due diligence, we prepare referrals and liaison with law enforcement and other appropriate authorities.