Our Story

K2 Integrity is the preeminent risk, compliance, investigations, and monitoring firm—built by industry leaders, driven by interdisciplinary teams, and supported by cutting-edge technology to safeguard our clients’ operations, reputations, and economic security. K2 Integrity represents the merger of K2 Intelligence, an industry-leading investigative, compliance, and cyber defense services firm founded in 2009 by Jeremy M. Kroll and Jules B. Kroll, the originator of the modern corporate investigations industry, and Financial Integrity Network (FIN), a premier strategic advisory firm founded by Juan Zarate and Chip Poncy dedicated to helping clients achieve their financial integrity goals. Together, we are the leaders in financial crimes risk and compliance, investigative services, regulatory monitoring, advisory offerings, and providing comprehensive training via our e-learning platform, DOLFIN.

K2 Integrity leverages unmatched multidisciplinary experience to develop cutting-edge solutions, stimulate business opportunities, and shape global economic security in a complex world. Whether it’s protecting clients’ assets or navigating the complex financial regulatory landscape to help clients identify, manage, and mitigate risk, K2 Integrity is an advisor trusted to meet and exceed clients’ goals in a rapidly changing world.


In a world where ethical conduct and trust are in high demand, we are proud of what our leadership team has come to stand for in their own right and what our name represents: principled outcomes; a reputation for investigative, analytic, and advisory excellence; and the independence and insight we bring to each matter. To learn more about how we operate with integrity in our business, with each other, and in our communities, click here.


  • 1972: Jules Kroll Founds the Modern Corporate Investigations Industry

    “It’s an honor to be referred to as the founder of an industry. What makes me most proud is what we’ve come to stand for: high integrity, good and honest outcomes, and people who are excited to come to work every day, because they feel that our mission is important.”

    -Jules Kroll, Chairman and Co-Founder

  • 2009: Jeremy and Jules Kroll Found K2 Intelligence

    K2 Intelligence focuses on the strategic application of technology to conduct investigative and advisory assignments worldwide. The first K2 Intelligence office opens in London.

    “Our focus is to provide our clients with professional services, technology, and expertise to help them address 21st-century risks as they seek to expand, invest, and do business around the world.”

    —Jeremy Kroll, President, CEO, and Co-Founder

  • January 2010: K2 Intelligence Opens New York Office
    K2 Intelligence shifts its headquarters to New York, expanding its North American presence.
  • April 2010: K2 Intelligence Opens Madrid Office
    The firm opens a second office serving the EMEA region in Madrid.
  • December 2012: K2 Intelligence Acquires Thacher Associates

    K2 Intelligence acquires the largest and oldest integrity and regulatory compliance firm focused on the construction and real estate industries—Thacher Associates.

    “We looked at the heightened regulations that companies face every day and saw the need for independent experts to assure regulators and law enforcement that their requirements will be fulfilled.”

    —Jeremy Kroll, President, CEO, and Co-Founder

  • June 2013: K2 Intelligence Establishes K2G Global Limited in Tel Aviv, Israel, as Part of Its Cyber Investigations and Defense Practice

    With the establishment of the Tel Aviv office* K2 Intelligence expands its cyber service offerings, offering access to distinguished intelligence professionals who have served in both an attack and defense capacity in advanced cybersecurity organizations.

    * The Tel Aviv office closed in 2018 after K2G Global became part of BlueVoyant.
  • April 2015: K2 Intelligence Forges Strategic Partnership With International Insurance Organization AIG

    AIG acquires a minority stake in K2 Intelligence. The companies agree to co-develop products and services that support AIG’s efforts to help clients mitigate and manage their cyber risk, and to explore opportunities in other key industry segments.

    “AIG and K2 Intelligence share the same goal—offering clients a holistic solution to help manage cyber risks, including a full range of cyber defense, remediation, and response services.”

    —Jeremy Kroll, President, CEO, and Co-Founder

  • August 2015: K2 Intelligence Opens Geneva, Switzerland Office

    The opening of a new office in Geneva, Switzerland, expands the firm’s growing global network.

    "Geneva is an important hub for international economic activity. Our presence will allow us to be more immediately available to our Swiss clients, many of whom have been calling upon our capabilities in emerging markets.”

    —Robert Brenner, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Legal Officer

  • February 2016: K2 Intelligence Opens Los Angeles Office

    K2 Intelligence opens a new office in Los Angeles, California.

    "With so many of our current clients based on the West Coast, the Los Angeles office will allow us to strengthen and expand our relationships in important West Coast industry sectors, such as finance, technology, media, and entertainment."

    —Robert Brenner, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Legal Officer

  • June 2017: K2 Intelligence Introduces AgileTechnologies

    K2 Intelligence launches AgileTechnologies, an in-house technology lab charged with building tailored compliance and investigative technology solutions to meet the complexities of a wide range of client engagements.  

    “Technology is changing the fundamental nature of our work. With AgileTechnologies we are infusing entrepreneurism into the development of technologies in the compliance space and for investigative purposes. This nurturing of innovation, without relying on static frameworks or protocols, gives us the opportunity to identify, preview, select, and develop customized solutions for difficult challenges.” 

    —Jeremy Kroll, President, CEO, and Co-Founder

  • August 2017: K2 Intelligence Helps Establish BlueVoyant

    As a founding investor and the largest shareholder, K2 Intelligence helped to establish BlueVoyant,* a new company delivering advanced cyber threat intelligence for large companies and managed cybersecurity services for smaller businesses. K2G Global, our Tel Aviv subsidiary, left K2 Intelligence to lend its expertise to the newly established company.

    * Formerly known as BlueTeamGlobal.
  • April 2019: K2 Intelligence Opens Chicago Office
    The Chicago office provides local expertise for clients throughout the Midwest region.
  • September 2019: K2 Intelligence and Washington, DC–Based Financial Integrity Network Merge

    The combined firm merges resources and expertise to deliver unparalleled governance, advisory, investigative, and compliance solutions to the market. Together, we seek to revolutionize how organizations and jurisdictions manage risk, gather intelligence, protect themselves from illicit activity, and enhance business opportunities.

  • August 2020: With Investment by K2 Integrity and Founders, The Privacy Co. Announces Priiv® App for iOS
    K2 Integrity helped to found, and invest in, The Privacy Co., and launched the Priiv Privacy Manager app, which allows users to quickly and easily improve their personal privacy and security, in 2020. Priiv is the first app to offer a free, simple, and comprehensive solution to the rampant problem of privacy theft. It gives each user a personalized Privacy Path that covers hardware devices, social media, financial accounts, passwords, and more. By following their path—which lays out actions to take, tips on how to make better choices, and tools to install—users can quickly improve their privacy and protect more of their data. The app covers nearly every aspect of a user’s digital life.
  • October 2020: K2 Integrity and Giant Oak Collaborate with Intel to Launch Consilient

    K2 Integrity and Giant Oak are proud to announce the launch of Consilient, a company dedicated to establishing the next-generation AML/CFT system through the application of revolutionary technologies. Consilient’s ambition is to solve the fundamental challenges of the lack of efficiency and effectiveness in preventing financial crime while protecting privacy and securing data. Consilient’s design provides a solution to creating a more effective approach to discovering and managing financial crime risk and protecting the integrity of the financial system efficiently.

  • November 2020: K2 Intelligence FIN Announces Corporate Name Change to K2 Integrity

    K2 Intelligence Financial Integrity Network (FIN), the preeminent risk, compliance, investigations, and monitoring firm, announced it is changing its corporate name to K2 Integrity to better reflect the company’s mission, purpose, and values. Built by industry leaders, driven by interdisciplinary teams, supported by cutting-edge technology, K2 Integrity’s mission is to safeguard the operations, reputations, and economic security of their client base.