By Jeremy Kroll, CEO and Co-Founder, K2 Integrity

Today marks one week since we unveiled K2 Integrity to the world. Integrity underscores how we operate. At our firm, the principle behind our name has always been central to our business. 

K2 Integrity, by its very nature, is an evolving business that will continue to have significant geographic and functional growth. Through this evolution, we are constantly guided by our purpose and we get excited about it—it’s our passion to solve the most complex problems and to help clients be as effective as they can be in the public and private sectors.

Every day, we are put in the trusted role of bringing respected and creative solutions to address complex, high-stakes issues. 

Clients come to us when their problems do not fit neatly into a box. Whether uncovering fraud within an organization, searching for and recovering sovereign assets plundered by a corrupt regime, securing a supply chain against counterfeit or grey market activity, monitoring major construction sites against illicit activity, helping a company fight off unwanted suitors, or making sure a financial institution knows its customers and origins of transactions, maintaining the integrity of our clients’ operations is our ultimate goal.

Across the globe, leaders are seeking trusted partners as they grapple with a range of worries that impact their organizations. At K2 Integrity, we treasure our role as a partner to our clients in need, shining a light on risk and entrusted to shape financial and commercial integrity and security solutions for our clients’ unique challenges. We are proud to serve in this way, driving value and providing a sense of certainty amidst the vulnerabilities our clients face. Regardless of the environment or landscape, this persists. 

At K2 Integrity, we know the key to making the right decisions is working with the right people. We take that responsibility seriously, both with our internal teams and with the clients we serve, as well as with the communities we operate in around the globe. I can’t help but reflect on and carry the words of K2 Integrity’s chair and co-founder, and founder of the corporate investigations industry, Jules Kroll: “Do no harm, do the right thing, and do what you promised to do.” 

It’s been wonderful to hear from all of you, and the well wishes on our new brand and name are appreciated. We are here for our clients and stakeholders. If there’s anything we can assist with, as always, you can reach out to me—my “door” is always open. 

I look forward to sharing more about our team next week.