K2 Integrity specializes in helping clients identify, trace, and recover assets around the globe. Our asset tracing pursuits run the gamut: from funds shielded through complex corporate structures, to embezzled assets of former heads of state, to millions or billions misappropriated by schemers. We combine traditional recovery methods with the latest technology advancements to help our clients identify and recover attachable assets, uncover sophisticated embezzlement schemes, identify key relationships, and maximize the likelihood of recovery and the most desirable outcome for our clients.

Investors and corporate dealmakers look to K2 Integrity to assist with national security requirements set by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) and foreign investment review mechanisms in place or in development in other countries. We help provide greater insight across all aspects of cross-border deals, including implementation.

As the regulatory, economic, and political landscape continues to evolve through the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are assembling resources and guides to help businesses, government, and individuals navigate our current environment.

DOLFIN is a seamless eLearning platform and online interface that offers comprehensive continuing education, training, testing, and certification resources and risk management tools for professionals working in financial crimes compliance.

Our experienced multidisciplinary team of experts from government, law enforcement, and the virtual asset industry can assist with compliance program development, implementation and remediation, asset tracing and recovery, augmentation of staff through outsourced managed services and fraud investigations associated with virtual assets and virtual asset service providers.