Amidst the fast-moving events with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, FINCast recorded an episode on February 25, 2022, to examine developments and the role of sanctions in this seismic and complex geopolitical event. On FINCast Episode 33, Juan Zarate interviews Foundation for the Defense of Democracies’ Brad Bowman and K2 Integrity’s Katya Hazard about the situation on the ground, the weight and importance of sanctions as a principal tool in response, and what sanctions and financial measures against Russia mean for the ongoing conflict.

With the international community now moving to isolate Russia from the financial and commercial system, this FINCast provides a snapshot of events and insights into how sanctions have been used as a tool of economic statecraft, whether to apply a maximalist sanctions approach to Russian aggression, and how the international community should respond next if sanctions cannot deter further aggression.