Few industries saw as much buzz as the world of cryptocurrency, stablecoins, and digital payments in 2021. Beyond the hype, what does the digital assets economy look like, and how are regulators and policymakers treating the crypto ecosystem? What does the future of the crypto economy, stablecoins and the financial system look like? On FINCast Episode 32, Juan Zarate interviews Circle’s Dante Disparte and Mandeep Walia about the state of the digital assets economy and regulation in the space, while also diving deep on the role of stablecoins like USDC and Circle’s place in the ecosystem. As new technology evolves and adoption grows, Juan, Dante, and Mandeep discuss how the risks of the digital assets economy need to be managed and how stablecoins and digital payments can help promote financial inclusion, transparency, and integrity. Tune in to this episode to hear more about the latest trends and insights on the ongoing public debate—and how the U.S. can maintain a competitive edge in the digital currency race.