In connection with the AIBACP, K2 IntelligenceFinancial Integrity Network (FIN) presented the webinar “Regulatory Compliance Climate 2020” on 8 July 2020. In a discussion moderated by Tom Bock, global co-head of K2 IntelligenceFIN's Financial Crimes Risk and Compliance practice, the webinar featured Robert (Bob) Chersi, the executive director for the Center for Global Governance, Reporting, and Regulation at Pace University's Lubin School of Business, and Michele M. Fleming, chair of AIBACP and chief compliance officer of CLS Group.

Bob and Michelle shared their insights on the 2020 regulatory compliance environment and how it has been shaped by events such as COVID-19, recent regulatory enforcement actions, developing regulations (including the FFIEC’s April 2020 update to the BSA/AML Audit Manual), as well as the future of the culture of compliance.

To view this webinar, click here. After registering, enter the password “AIBACPk2fin.”