As we navigate the societal challenges presented in 2020, we are confronted by a transformative terrorist threat environment, triggering new regulatory challenges and strategies for Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT). While we continue to face the looming threat posed by foreign terrorist groups and homegrown violent jihadist extremists, U.S. intelligence officials currently advise that the greatest threat to the homeland is posed by lone actors, radicalized online, espousing violent extremist ideologies. Whether affiliated with foreign terrorist ideology or domestic violent extremism, the biggest vulnerabilities to terrorist intent are finance and communications.

Join Chip Poncy and Dennis Lormel as they discuss the financial considerations and countermeasures to disrupt terrorist intent, including the importance of AML/CFT regulations and sanctions compliance. Key points covered will address:

  • The current threat environment
  • Developing awareness and understanding about who poses a threat
  • The internationalization of domestic terrorism
  • Funding sources and requirements
  • The power of financial intelligence and partnerships

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