In “Kroll’s K2 to Buy Advisory Firm Led by U.S. Anti-Terror Sleuth” (Bloomberg, 23 Sept. 2019), Jeremy M. Kroll, Jules B. Kroll, and Juan Zarate discuss the merger of K2 Intelligence and Financial Integrity Network (FIN). The article notes that the marketplace is at an inflection point for economic security, and this strategic merger can help organizations across a range of disciplines to address risk issues holistically from one place.

The merged firm will design and engineer solutions to help financial institutions, organizations, and jurisdictions confront and overcome a wide range of evolving business, economic, and security threats. Leveraging FIN’s high-level global relationships with K2 Intelligence’s investigative acumen, the firm will better serve global clients facing regulatory issues including those related to FCPA, anti-bribery and corruption, CFIUS (an emerging challenge for global investors), and implementation of FATF global standards.

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