In “A Prolific Scammer Posing as Different Celebrities Is Flying Instagram Influencers Across the World in an Elaborate Scheme to Steal Their Money” (18 Jan. 2019), Insider details how travel photographer Carley Rudd was scammed by an impersonator, with Wendi Deng Murdoch being the latest high-profile female the scam artist is pretending to be. Nicoletta Kotsianas, a director with K2 Intelligence who has been investigating the overall impersonation scam for some time, comments on the impersonators shift in targets, from makeup artists and others working on Hollywood productions, now to photographers and many Instagram influencers. According to Nicoletta, “For a long time, they were going after people in Hollywood. Now they’re routinely targeting influencers—Instagram stars, travel photographers, people whose work involves them travelling all over the world.” 

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