In Authority Magazine’s “Jeremy Kroll of K2 Integrity: 5 Things Every CEO Should Know About Navigating the World of Finance” (9 November 2021), K2 Integrity Co-CEO Jeremy M. Kroll discusses his career and the lessons he has learned in business and as an entrepreneur. 

In his Q&A, Jeremy notes five keys to success: 

  1. Find the right mentor early on. An effective mentor challenges you, makes you question everything, will help you learn and give you honest and constant feedback. These people are incredibly important whether you are new and learning the ropes, building a business, or identifying investors.
  2. Don’t assume anyone knows who you are, what you do, or what the value of it is. You’ll have to continually prove yourself. Reputation is not built overnight, but it is your most powerful tool. Never stop working to build on it.
  3. Learn from your mistakes quickly and recalibrate. Part of an entrepreneur’s journey is that we don’t always get it right and embracing mistakes is an essential building block. Learning from mistakes and evolving quickly is critical. And as you figure out your path forward, or laterally, triangulating decisions with your core values will never steer you in the wrong direction.
  4. Take care of your culture and your people. You can have the best ideas and intentions, but the fact of the matter is the people you have with you are the ones who will bring your ideas to reality alongside you. Try to find ways to fulfill the cultural needs of your business and the needs of your people and keep challenging your team to lead the way.
  5. Make sure your investors are aligned with your vision and values. Investors are more than just capital: they’re a source of mentorship and can add business value in many ways. They can help fill specific gaps with expertise in different areas of your business. Remember, they’ve backed your company and have a very vested interest in your success.

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