In “Tips From The Top: One On One With Jeremy Kroll” (Thrive Global, 31 Oct. 2019), Jeremy Kroll, president, CEO, and co-founder of K2 Intelligence, discusses his professional journey and leadership tips. Jeremy highlights what he sees as the core differentiator for K2 Intelligence—connecting on a human level, demonstrating care, thoughtfulness about client challenges, and getting a result—and the role of accountability and authenticity in leadership.

According to Jeremy, his three best tips for entrepreneurs, executives, and civic leaders are:

  1. Accept early that you won’t, and can’t, know everything. If you go in thinking you are better than everybody, you are going to fail. To this end, decide whether you’re a specialist or a generalist, and fill out your team in a way that helps you address your blind spots. 
  2. Foster the right environment for a team. Create an environment where they are able to support you, and you are able to support them. Always seek constructive criticism from those that you work with, and those that you don’t work with but respect.
  3. Build relationships with the right kind of investors. Only you know what this looks like, and often times, it’s not what you expect. Find an investor who understands that capital today is fungible, but culture is not. Pick the investors that when the chips are down, you feel confident they will be constructive and be your partners instead of jumping back to the other side of the table. 

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