In “Vital Interests: Shocks and Threats to the Global Financial System” (Center on National Security, 9 April 2020), Juan Zarate, global co-managing partner and chief strategy officer, K2 Intelligence FIN, highlights what the current disruptions in light of COVID-19 mean for the global financial system. Juan notes that while it is a moment of crisis, it is also a moment of opportunity for collective global action. According to Juan, “The real challenge here is how we collectively deal with the dislocations and adapt in a way that allows us to continue to operate our society and economy in a relatively effective way, understanding there are going to be longer-term disruptions. We’re just beginning to adapt, and I’m certainly seeing this from the business perspective—from a telework perspective everyone is adapting relatively well. Our clients are adapting, we’re using video conferencing and teleconferencing more aggressively, and everyone is trying to adapt to a new normal.”

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