In “The Morning Risk Report: Yellen Could Bring More Nuance to U.S. Sanctions Efforts” (24 November 2020), The Wall Street Journal features Daniel Glaser, global head of Jurisdictional Services, on the future of the Treasury Department under Janet Yellen, who is presumed to be nominated by the incoming Biden administration.

According to Danny, “The Treasury has numerous tools within the international financial system and in the domestic financial system to advance national security interests, and sanctions are an important part of that. But they’re not exclusive to that. . . . If this were just about lobbing sanctions over the fence, anybody can do that. What having people like Janet Yellen at the helm allows us to do is to be very sophisticated about the way we think about the way we deploy our tools strategically. It’s not just about issuing lists. It’s about developing and implementing financial pressure strategy.”

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