Part of K2 Integrity's Renowned DOLFIN Training Network, the Program Will Equip Participants with the Expertise and Skills Needed to Navigate Global Sanctions

NEW YORK  5 May 2022 – K2 Integrity, the leading risk and financial crimes advisory firm, today announced the global launch of its Certified Risk Management Specialist – Global Sanctions (CRMS-GS) certification program. An offering on the firm’s renowned training platform, the Dedicated Online Financial Integrity Network (DOLFIN), the program will look to provide participants across the private and public sectors with the expertise, skills, and judgment needed to address the risks that accompany global sanctions.

“As the geopolitical landscape continues to rapidly evolve, our role in helping clients mitigate risks and protect their businesses has never been more critical,” said CEOs Jeremy Kroll and Andrew Rabinowitz. “Enabled by our deep technological capabilities and robust DOLFIN network, we are excited to bring to market an industry-leading, integrated training program, backed by our world-class sanctions experts, to help our clients as they navigate this pivotal and unprecedented time.”

CRMS-GS will feature expertly curated reading modules, instructional videos narrated by K2 Integrity trainers, as well as other dynamic sanctions resources. Training modules will provide an overview of the foundational aspects of sanctions; how to identify, assess, and manage sanction risks; and sanctions enforcement and evasion techniques. Whether participants are enrolled in the self-guided learning option or one of K2 Integrity’s instructor-led training programs, they will have the necessary resources available to prepare for the required certification examination.

Chip Poncy, Global Head of Financial Integrity at K2 Integrity, added: “Amid the rising complexity of sanctions against Russia, financial institutions, vulnerable industries, and jurisdictional authorities face a plethora of risks that many have not experienced in their lifetimes. In quick order, these institutions have had to build from scratch or completely overhaul their training programs to meet these elevated risks to continue to properly safeguard their reputations and our collective security. Our new certification program looks to fill this training void for institutions around the globe by providing them with the tools needed to equip their teams with the sanctions expertise and skills necessary to protect their businesses in today’s world.”

Additional features and benefits of CRMS-GS include:

  • CRMS-GS E-Learning Plan (ELP): A self-paced learning path that serves as the main study guide for the program. The ELP guides participants through detailed reading modules and high-quality instructional videos led by K2 Integrity experts—with knowledge checks and practice quizzes embedded throughout—as well as additional sanctions resources.
  • Sanctions Analytic Framework: A rigorous, proprietary method for identifying, assessing, and managing sanctions risks, in the form of an interactive module. The framework provides a step-by-step guide that can be applied to any potential customer, deal, or transaction to analyze and mitigate sanctions-related risks, including those related to even the most complex UN, U.S., EU, and U.K. programs.
  • Scenario-Based Training Exercises: Fact-pattern scenarios and transaction alert exercises that allow candidates to practice applying the Sanctions Analytic Framework to hypothetical situations—based on real cases of customers and transactions that presented sanctions risks.
  • DOLFIN Access: K2 Integrity’s premier eLearning platform used by a global network of public, private, and nonprofit sector financial integrity professionals. This includes risk management tools, analyses, and news of the latest developments in sanctions, as well as other financial integrity resources—giving candidates an edge in preparation for the certification exam and providing immediate value in their daily job.

“K2 Integrity’s CRMS-GS certification program delivered on the value promised,” said Michael Matossian, EVP and Global Head of Group Regulatory Compliance at Arab Bank Group, whose team has achieved the CRMS-GS certification. “Its biggest differentiator is that it was developed by the world’s top sanctions and financial crime compliance experts. After completing the program, our certified employees are now more efficient and effective in decreasing unwarranted escalations of transactions and assessing and managing global sanctions risks faced by our bank. They are well equipped and also have greater sense of purpose and professional satisfaction.”

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