K2 Integrity enhances legacy entities’ trusted leadership in solving unprecedented, complex issues across sectors and industries

New York—10 November 2020—Today K2 Intelligence Financial Integrity Network (FIN), the preeminent risk, compliance, investigations, and monitoring firm, announced it is changing its corporate name to K2 Integrity to better reflect the company’s mission, purpose, and values. Built by industry leaders, driven by interdisciplinary teams, supported by cutting-edge technology, K2 Integrity’s mission is to safeguard the operations, reputations, and economic security of their client base.  

“Integrity is in our DNA, and now it’s in our name,” said Jeremy Kroll, CEO and Co-Founder of K2 Integrity.

Since its September 2019 merger, the combined company has expanded its global leadership in financial crimes risk and compliance, investigative services, regulatory monitoring, training, and advisory offerings. As businesses and global leaders are facing skepticism and a lack of trust, the firm is reinforcing a key shared value of the combined entity and the clients it serves: integrity.

“Integrity is a core value deeply embedded within our company. The name K2 Integrity reinforces the principles the corporate investigations industry was founded on back in 1972: integrity and transparency,” said Jules Kroll, Chair of K2 Integrity. 

“Today, across the globe, leaders are seeking trusted partners as they grapple with a range of worries, from employee and third-party conduct concerns, to economic risks and cyber threats, to risks related to fraud and corruption. We are proud to serve our clients as a trusted partner, driving value and providing a sense of certainty amidst the vulnerabilities they face,” said Jeremy Kroll. 

“Last September, through our merger with FIN, we created a powerful combination, unparalleled in its ability to assist organizations and jurisdictions in protecting themselves from illicit activity and enhancing business opportunities,” continued Jeremy Kroll. “We found a partner with a deep-rooted sense of mission and purpose, something that resonated with our legacy guiding principles and values.”

Over the last decade, K2 Intelligence—founded and led by Jules and Jeremy Kroll—has redefined 21st-century corporate investigations, intelligence, and regulatory compliance. Following their roles in government, Juan Zarate and Chip Poncy founded FIN as a premier strategic advisory firm dedicated to helping clients around the world achieve their financial integrity goals. Together, the two entities are helping shape the marketplace with an ever-evolving business model that continues to grow geographically and functionally—enhanced by acquisitions and innovative services—to meet clients’ emerging needs.

“The key to the right decisions is working with the right people.  Our global business leadership team—Juan Zarate, Bob Brenner, Tom Bock, Chip Poncy, Danny Glaser, Snezana Gebauer, Darren Matthews, and so many excellent practitioners, subject-matter experts, and emerging professionals beginning their careers with us—is unmatched in the marketplace,” Jeremy Kroll concluded.

Leading Clients into the Future

K2 Integrity stands at the forefront of the evolving technologies, techniques, tools, and trends used to address financial integrity issues today and anticipate those of tomorrow.  

“K2 Integrity is a global leader, dedicated to shining a light on risk and shaping financial and commercial integrity and security solutions for its clients—innovating and blending world-class financial crimes risk and compliance services, investigations, strategic risk advice and management, and new technology solutions,” said Juan Zarate, Global Co-Managing Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of K2 Integrity. “At a time when economic security and risks are growing more complicated globally, we have assembled the most impressive talent focused on helping clients revolutionize how they perceive and manage risk, creating a competitive business and reputational advantage in the marketplace through a fundamental commitment to integrity.”

Expanded Best-in-Class Teams and Services

K2 Integrity’s expert professionals around the globe bring a set of advisory and investigative perspectives to complex situations, along with the keen judgment born of their individual experiences during past financial crises and devastating world events. They are uniquely qualified to serve as trusted partners in high-stakes environments, delivering sustainable, scalable solutions for client issues of today and the future. 

The integrated firm’s global footprint and worldwide network of experts across the globe, fluent in more than 40 languages and with the ability to operate in more than 100 countries, allows its professionals to dig deep into every engagement to engineer multifaceted solutions that always put its clients’ needs first.

“Whether we are uncovering fraud within an organization, searching for and recovering sovereign assets plundered by a corrupt regime, securing a supply chain against counterfeit or grey market activity, monitoring major development sites against illicit activity, helping a company fight off unwanted suitors, or making sure a financial institution knows its customers and the origins of its transactions, maintaining the integrity of our clients’ operations is our ultimate goal,” said Robert Brenner, Global Co-Managing Partner and Chief Legal Officer. 

“In today’s world, ethical conduct and trust are in high demand, and sometimes perceived as in short supply. As a firm, we are committed to embracing these core values in everything we do. In the words of our Co-Founder and Founder of the industry, Jules Kroll: ‘Do no harm, do the right thing, and do what you promised to do,’” concluded Tom Bock, founder of K2 Integrity’s original Financial Crimes practice and Global Co-Head of the expanded Financial Crimes Risk Management business.