NEW YORK – 7 October 2019 – K2 Intelligence is pleased to announce the launch of BlueWhite Legal Capital (BlueWhite), a privately held litigation finance firm. BlueWhite will help companies, law firms, and other claimants with meritorious litigation or arbitration claims by providing access to strategic capital. K2 Intelligence is one of the strategic owners of BlueWhite, and K2 Intelligence Co-founder and Chair Jules Kroll, one of BlueWhite’s founders, will serve as a principal of the new firm. 

This relationship offers litigation support clients, and specifically our asset tracing and recovery clients, a powerful tool and distinct advantage with respect to matters that involve hidden assets and the enforcement of legal judgments. 

Other founders of BlueWhite include Aaron Rubinstein, a former partner at Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer and former chair of its litigation practice; Earl Doppelt, formerly a senior executive and general counsel of several multinational corporations including The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, The Nielsen Corporation, and Walter Energy Inc.; and Jack Blackburn, a former Wall Street executive at companies including Freddie Mac, Citicorp, Merrill Lynch, and Burford Capital.

According to Jules Kroll, chair of K2 Intelligence and principal of BlueWhite, “Litigation finance is a powerful tool that can give companies and law firms a competitive advantage while enhancing efficiency and profitability. BlueWhite’s team and I have worked to ensure that from day one, we are delivering these advantages with top-of-the-line capabilities, capital to deploy, and a culture of excellence and integrity.”

The litigation financing industry has experienced significant growth over the last five years. BlueWhite offers the following advantages:
Impeccable reputation for integrity, credibility, and judgment.

  • A structure that offers speed and transparency to those funded, with streamlined engagement, review, and communication.
  • Access to committed capital.
  • Hands-on involvement and commitment of the senior leadership team.
  • A relationship with K2 Intelligence that benefits funded parties through its judgment collectability expertise, and asset recovery skills.
  • A commitment to win-win outcomes and building relationships.

Read more about BlueWhite here.