Hannah Coleman is a managing director in K2 Integrity’s Investigations and Risk Advisory practice. She specializes in fast-moving, complex, and specialized research assignments in a variety of areas including intellectual property investigations, media transparency assessments, investigative due diligence, corporate contests, and litigation support.

In the intellectual property space, Hannah works with clients to identify and investigate sources of counterfeit and diverted commercial products. Tailoring her investigative approach to address clients’ priorities and specific concerns, she researches public records, makes evidentiary purchases of relevant products, identifies and interviews relevant sources, executes civil seizure orders, and provides expert testimony at trial.

Prior to joining K2 Integrity, Hannah spent four years at Kroll Inc. She previously worked in Morgan Stanley’s anti-money laundering group, served as an Intelligence Analyst for the New York High Intensity Financial Crime Area (HIFCA), and spent several years as an Investigator at the New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board.

Hannah received her B.A. in comparative literature and society from Columbia College.


Representative Matters

  • Market Intelligence: Served as a key team member of the K2 Integrity team that conducted an in-depth study, commissioned by the Association of National Advertisers, into transparency issues in the media-buying industry. Hannah subsequently led K2 Integrity media transparency consulting assignments on behalf of advertisers seeking to learn whether any nontransparent practices identified in the report were at work in their agency relationships.
  • Senior Executive Profiling: Spearheaded the detailed background investigations of more than a dozen potential board candidates in a corporate contest, which included reputational background, analysis of their performance on other boards, and anticipation of arguments that the adversarial party could put forward against them.
  • Intellectual Property Investigations: Worked on behalf of a medical device manufacturer whose product was being diverted. The investigation involved public records and online research into the suspected diverter’s corporate structure and business operations, as well as evidentiary purchases of the product at issue. The findings of this research and the diverted product identified through the evidentiary purchases helped form the basis of a civil seizure order that Hannah executed as part of a team of investigators and attorneys.