We provide well-resourced intelligence, insight, local knowledge, and expert analysis to inform our clients’ strategic decision making. Whether a compliance-related challenge or an investigation with complexity, it is the strategic advice, clarity, and sound judgment based on years of experience that make us the trusted advisor our clients turn to.   

We are uniquely positioned to advise and assist jurisdictional clients further the implementation of their AML/CFT regimes in accordance with FATF global standards. Danny Glaser, Global Head of Jurisdictional Service

We are often called upon for guidance by clients needing information for strategic purposes. We offer a wide range of highly effective litigation advisory services to secure successful outcomes, and we frequently support the legal strategies of law firms. We provide comprehensive advisory services to clients to guide them through complex disputes or answer strategic questions.

We help clients gain control of problems that may threaten the value they have worked hard to build. By providing decision-making tools, we help to reduce risk and turn unfavorable situations around. Our broad array of strategic and technical advisory services are delivered to a diverse group of clients that include financial institutions, governments, sovereign wealth funds, and multinational institutions, as well as private sector companies, hedge funds, private equity firms, international law firms, and corporations. 

We assist clients in designing and implementing best-in-class regulatory and financial integrity strategies, policies, and systems and controls to deliver unmatched capability in combating and protecting against the full range of illicit financing threats. 

We help jurisdictions and private-sector entities design, establish, manage, and maintain strong and effective public-private financial information sharing partnerships, in the financial, non-financial, and virtual asset sectors.

Our client footprint also extends throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East and is made up of experts fluent in more than 40 languages, which enables us to operate with ease in more than 130 countries, obtaining on-the-ground results others can’t. This trusted human source intelligence network is fundamental to gathering reliable and actionable information for our clients.