Comprehensive Compliance and Risk Management Training, Testing, and Certification

Over the past decade, the financial system has evolved and become more complex as new financial products enter the marketplace. As a result, there is increased oversight by regulators and policymakers who have imposed heightened expectations and accountability for risk management. It is more important than ever to invest in the development and training of the human capital needed to effectively manage risk globally. 

Our team, which includes the experts who helped design and spearhead the global counter-illicit financing regime after 9/11, bring their unparalleled know-how and network directly to individuals and institutions through on-site training and user-friendly learning materials, helpful tools, and insightful analysis on a comprehensive scope of financial integrity subject matters. To help our clients develop technical and applied expertise across Anti-Money Laundering (AML), combating the financing of terrorism (CFT), anti-bribery and corruption (ABC), and economic sanctions compliance matters, all K2 Integrity training services are offered to individual professionals, institutions, and organizations and are led by K2 Integrity faculty.

K2 Integrity’s training services provide clients with the knowledge and tactical skills needed to manage risk considering the growing complexity and sophistication of the financial system. We deliver customized training programs based on the relevant needs of our clients, whether the training involves an executive team needing to demonstrate technical knowledge for a regulator or junior analysts who need to develop and exercise judgment consistent with regulator expectations. 

We achieve these learning objectives through lecture-based discussions combined with case studies and scenario-based interactive exercises, and by applying rigorous analytic methodologies. 

  • For financial institutions, regulated non-financial businesses and professions, and multinational corporations, K2 Integrity training services foster a culture of compliance by developing financial crimes risk management expertise consistent with regulatory obligations and expectations. Such services cover all aspects of AML/CFT, sanctions, and ABC requirements on an enterprise-wide basis—including for boards and senior executives, business lines, and the compliance, risk management, and auditing functions. 
  • For sovereign jurisdictions, K2 Integrity training services enhance counter-illicit financing expertise across law enforcement, the intelligence community, financial and regulatory authorities, and policymakers. Such services cover all aspects of a jurisdictional AML/CFT regime, consistent with global standards and expectations established by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). Such services also cover developing and implementing sanctions authorities consistent with United Nations member country obligations. 
  • For career professionals, K2 Integrity training services cultivate individual expertise across all aspects of the counter-illicit financing mission, including with respect to various public and private sector positions, roles, and responsibilities.

K2 Integrity provides tailored training solutions based on the priorities of our clients. Our industry-leading training programs are the outcome of our premium relationship management and ongoing collaboration between our experts and our clients. K2 Integrity provides custom training services for:

  • Boards of directors and senior executive management
  • Compliance professionals
  • Business management
  • First-line employees
  • Operations employees
  • Audit or independent testing employees
  • Jurisdictional AML and CFT authorities

Through our Dedicated Online Financial Integrity Network (DOLFIN), we also provide an online platform for global financial institutions, regional financial institutions, individuals, businesses, and investment and FinTech firms to manage heightened AML, CFT, and ABC risk. The DOLFIN Resource Center is delivered across a comprehensive scope of media, including a user-friendly library, live webinars, on-demand video, and toolkits of databases and curated content. For more information about our online learning services, click here.