Outsourced Financial Crime Risk Management

Financial institutions are on the front lines in combating the financing of terror and money laundering, and their regulatory hurdles are high. A key challenge for managing regulatory compliance, particularly for financial institutions, is balancing risk management with operational efficiency and effectiveness through innovation. K2 Integrity's outsourced financial crime risk management solution provides regulatory advisory consulting, expert personnel, and technology services that enable organizations to meet regulatory requirements and control costs.

Transaction monitoring systems and alert analysis represent the greatest area of anti-money laundering (AML) spending, yet regulatory requirements concerning AML, sanctions, and due diligence continue to outpace system improvements. Small and midsize financial institutions and other kinds of organizations often face challenges related to the need for continual system upgrades and experienced personnel in place to identify suspicious activity and investigate it.

Located in the United States, our seasoned professionals provide institutions with onsite or offsite staffing options, delivering real-time support through both short- and long-term outsourced solutions custom-tailored for the institution.

K2 Integrity: A Flexible and Scalable Solution

By offering these nimble compliance solutions, we satisfy the most pressing needs of financial institutions in achieving comprehensive Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/AML compliance, including:

  • Coping with a shortage of experienced employees
  • Improving compliance programs and processes
  • Developing and maintaining a robust technology infrastructure
  • Tackling global compliance demands

Our clients benefit by:

  • Reducing the burden on their internal resources
  • Gaining efficiency and quality of work as a result of structured, maximized processes
  • Accessing leading experts in AML, anti-fraud, and sanctions regulations
  • Attaining the flexibility to scale resources up or down as needed
  • Lowering costs

Our outsourced financial crime risk management solution lets organizations leverage our capabilities in ways best suited to them:

  • For institutions that have made significant technology investments in monitoring systems, we can leverage their existing technology, conduct model validation, and disposition alerts through our seasoned and experienced team of AML professionals.
  • For those institutions requiring a more comprehensive approach, we can leverage our own best-in-class technology and our experienced professionals to act in the capacity of the bank’s financial intelligence unit (FIU)—and we will see to it that the rules are appropriate and are being applied correctly. And as our solution is scalable, we are able to offer interim and peak-volume assistance.

This solution also integrates regulatory surveillance functions with practical business intelligence tools by taking a risk-based approach and using high-performance algorithms and multiple detection methods. K2 Integrity is able to monitor more risks against greater volumes of transaction data in shorter time spans. The result? We are able to monitor more transactions, improve the accuracy of alerts, investigate more speedily and effectively, and control clients’ AML compliance costs.


A culture of compliance is essential to an effective and sustainable compliance program. For financial institutions that do not have dedicated training staff, we also provide a training platform for financial institutions to meet their BSA/AML regulatory obligations and foster the culture of compliance.

Our training services provide clients with the knowledge and tactical skills needed to manage risk in light of the growing complexity and sophistication of the financial system. These services help clients to demonstrate technical knowledge as well as to exercise judgment consistent with the roles and responsibilities of the relevant training audience.