Construction and Real Estate Risk Management

Construction projects require a significant investment of financial resources and time. Insufficient oversight and inadequate controls can place that investment at risk for fraud, waste, or abuse. And the costs of fraud in the construction and real estate industries continue to grow. At the same time, regulatory requirements are increasing for owners and developers. 

Owners and developers must evaluate whether they have sufficient safeguards to protect their investment and reputation—a daunting task even for the most experienced builder.

K2 Integrity’s Construction Risk Management offering is designed to protect our clients’ investments and help ensure their projects’ successful completion. We conduct a wholistic evaluation of each project and suggest enhancements to ensure the necessary safeguards are in place. Then our ongoing monitoring ensures continued success until completion.

Our services include:

Preconstruction and Contract Advisory Services

We use our extensive construction monitoring experience to help clients navigate the pitfalls involved with contractor selection, contracting methodology, and contract terms and conditions.

Project Risk Assessments

Every construction project has unique risks based on various factors, including the type of construction, contracting methodology, and region. Our team’s extensive experience conducting risk assessments enables us to develop a risk mitigation plan tailored to your project.

Project Procedures and Controls Reviews

Sufficient procedures and controls, for both owners and contractors, are essential to successful construction projects. Our expert team can assess existing controls and recommend enhancements to ensure proper project administration.

Contract and Compliance Reviews

In our experience, many owners fail to realize the benefits of the negotiated savings and safeguards to which they are entitled as a result of contract noncompliance. Our contractual compliance reviews help to ensure that owners receive what is due them.

Construction Auditing

Our unique approach to financial reviews combines technical forensic accounting expertise and an investigative accounting skillset with cutting-edge forensic technology and distinguished intelligence and data analytics capabilities. These audits are designed to prevent common overpayments such as being billed for the duplication of scope or for more than negotiated amounts—savings that can add up to millions of dollars in large construction projects.

Vendor Due Diligence Reviews 

When money, time, reputation, or safety is on the line—regardless of the type of investment or business decision—due diligence should not be a perfunctory exercise. Companies and individuals regularly engage K2 Integrity investigators and business intelligence specialists to gather critical information that sheds light both on contract value and the associated risk, and enables a more informed decision.

Contractor Monitoring

Even when a contractor or subcontractor is found to have integrity- and/or compliance-related issues, there may be business reasons for an owner to continue to use that vendor. The solution: K2 Integrity’s contractor monitoring service. Our team will help ensure that the contractor’s prior issues do not impact the current project.

Security, Safety, and Workforce Control Assessments

Adequate controls are essential to help ensure the successful completion of a project without incident. Our highly experienced team of engineers and investigators have performed security, safety, and workforce control assessments for some of the country’s most iconic construction and infrastructure projects.

Construction Progress Monitoring

Our field team has extensive experience assessing the completion level of construction projects. We reconcile our field observations with requisitions to help prevent overpayment or frontloading, either of which can cause financial issues.