Intellectual Property and Counterfeiting Investigations

It is critical for companies to take the appropriate steps when protecting their brands, reputations, and intellectual property against such persistent threats as counterfeiting, grey market diversion, and illicit trade; misappropriation by employees, business associates, or competitors; global piracy; and hacking. From pharmaceutical products to medical device technologies, high-frequency trading algorithms to chemical formulas, the failure to protect key corporate assets can result in the loss of profits, the loss of competitive advantage, and significant harm to the health and safety of customers.

K2 Integrity offers the full spectrum of proactive and reactive services to help companies meet these challenges. By leveraging the investigative acumen of practitioners with backgrounds in law enforcement, investigative journalism, and the prosecutorial and intelligence sectors, along with subject-matter expertise in data analytics, cyber crime, and forensic accounting, we help secure and protect valuable assets from both internal and external threats. 

K2 Integrity’s ability to partner with law firms experienced in intellectual property investigations and litigation completes a team of professionals who understand the unique complexities of protecting a company’s brand and its products. Each investigation is tailored to the needs and priorities of the client and takes into account its geography and industry. 

Clients rely on our ability to:

  • Conduct cross-border investigations into the illicit trade of products around the globe. 
  • Collaborate with law enforcement to cease and terminate counterfeiting activities. 
  • Conduct investigations into the theft of intellectual property by employees or other agents.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in a client’s information security infrastructure in an effort to mitigate IP thefts. 
  • Design and execute controlled product purchases from counterfeiters and diverters.
  • Leverage evidence collected to secure and execute civil seizure orders in an effort to identify the wholesalers and manufactures involved in a counterfeiting or diversion scheme.
  • Conduct in-depth investigations on involved bad actors to acquire valuable personal and business intelligence for furthering the investigation of the supply chain. 
  • Design and execute statistically sound marketplace surveys identifying the extent of product counterfeiting in regions of interest.