Intelligence and Risk Advisory Services

Whether an organization is evaluating an opportunity to expand or transform its business, navigating a complex high-stakes dispute, or facing a threat from an adversary, having actionable intelligence and a trusted advisor can make the difference between success and failure. 

K2 Integrity routinely advises corporations, governments, investment funds, and other organizations on how to manage and mitigate risks. Our global team brings diverse cultural, geographic, industry, and functional expertise and the ability to dive into the most challenging geographies, situations, and industries.

We leverage investigative tradecraft honed through decades of experience, the latest data analytics technology and artificial intelligence, and our robust network of long-standing and trusted relationships with regulators, law enforcement, industry leaders, and other facets of society to derive intelligence for our clients. We use our expertise and experience to craft risk mitigation strategies for our clients and to support them in executing those strategies.

Our intelligence and risk advisory services teams assist clients in multiple areas:

  • Strategic Intelligence provides insights into the risks and opportunities associated with investments, competitive issues, geopolitical issues, and market entry. Before our clients embark on strategic change, we map the competitive landscape and analyze the competition’s commercial, regulatory, and political strengths and weaknesses, providing a clearer idea of where commercial advantage is gained. We also assess the influence of external stakeholders such as unions, regulators, and government. 
  • Dispute Advisory Services provide fact, evidence, and intelligence gathering in the context of corporate contests, business disputes, as well as arbitration and litigation. We separate fact from fiction and deliver a clear version of events to regulators, media, and shareholders. We leverage our unrivalled international source networks and in-house investigative skills to assess the strength and risk of a case, gather the evidence to support clients’ legal and public relations strategies, and advise on strategy, negotiations, settlement, and financing options.
  • Due Diligence identifies legal, commercial, financial crime, or integrity risks related to investments and transactions, third parties and vendors, board nominees and senior hires, and witnesses. We reinforce decision making by advising our clients about vulnerabilities not picked up in the course of quantitative or traditional investment analysis. We also assist our clients in understanding their own public footprint through self-due diligence. Our clients include sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, private equity funds, and venture capital funds around the world.