Physical and Cyber Risk Management

Security and preparedness issues continue to be a growing concern for global businesses and their executives, as well as high-profile individuals in both the public and private sectors, heightening demand for expert assistance in proactively mitigating risk and powerfully responding to threats with a full range of capabilities.

K2 Integrity delivers the personnel, assets, and high-level strategic insight clients need to confront the ever-evolving physical and cyber security landscape, including full-spectrum risk advisory services tailored to the needs of boards of directors and the C-suite. 

Our security risk management team helps organizations and individuals:

Identify physical and cyber security soft spots at corporate facilities, including sensitive areas such as the boardroom, and on company networks. Using advanced research and investigative methods based on decades of collective experience in the field, we develop a tailored security program based on an comprehensive security assessment that includes physical and cybersecurity architecture services such as burglar and fire alarm system monitoring, physical and logical access controls, network monitoring, training programs, and continuity and crisis response plans on a site-by-site basis.

Keep people safe while exploring a frontier market or during a threat event at the office. Our risk and security experts offer a range of security and prevention services, from trip planning, to destination intelligence, to close and covert protection, to emergency evacuation, ensuring our clients feel safe and secure at every step of their journey.

We collaborate with our global network to develop travel security briefs and establish crisis management plans prior to travel. Once on the ground, our clients travel confidently knowing that K2 Integrity has created a plan for them to seek safe havens, deal with medical emergencies, or access evacuation services due to natural disasters or political unrest.

From site and security program risk assessments to physical protection, travel intelligence, and cybersecurity, and from business continuity and emergency preparedness planning to incident response and crisis management, K2 Integrity is your 24/7 security partner.