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The evolving global sanctions campaign against Russia in response to its 2022 invasion of Ukraine has been unprecedented in its complexity, speed, and impact. As this global campaign continues to evolve, financial institutions, professional service providers and other vulnerable industries, and jurisdictional authorities around the world must understand sanctions against Russia in order to help them meet elevated compliance and risk management expectations, protect their reputations, and safeguard our collective security.

By becoming a CRMS–RS, you will be prepared to identify, assess, and manage ongoing and emerging risks associated with sanctions against Russia.

Our Unique Program

K2 Integrity takes a transformative approach to certification:
  • Leverage technology through our proprietary online platform, allowing you to stay current on swiftly evolving sanctions and related risk management issues, access your program, and track your progress at any time from any device
  • Gain access to our network of financial integrity professionals for additional news, analysis, resources, and community networking on the full spectrum of financial integrity and security issues
  • Learn from a team of experts led by the framers of the modern global counter-illicit finance regime
  • Apply our unique and proven analytic framework— used to train thousands of sanctions compliance officers and other compliance professionals—to current real-world scenarios

Benefits of the CRMS-RS Program

K2 Integrity's certification program on Russia-related sanctions will equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and judgment they need to implement sanctions against Russia and help protect and advance their institution's business and operations as well as collective security interests:
  • Understand the types of sanctions the United States (U.S.), European Union (EU), the United Kingdom (UK), and other authorities are imposing against Russiaand why
  • Grasp how jurisdictional authorities, financial institutions, and other private sector and non-profit sector organizations will implement, oversee, and enforce these sanctions—and the challenges they will encounter in doing so
  • Learn the specific ways in which sanctioned Russian entities typically attempt to evade sanctions or avoid prohibitions on specified activities—and specific strategies to mitigate sanctions evasion
  • Understand the important role CRMS-RS participants play in facilitating international cooperation and security in this new era of unprecedented sanctions against Russia

Program Overview and Materials

CRMS-RS candidates will receive exclusive, dynamic, and engaging training content to develop substantive knowledge, apply expertise to real-world sanctions scenarios, and prepare for the required certification examination.
  • CRMS–RS E-Learning Plan (ELP): A self-paced learning path, exclusively on our DOLFIN eLearning Platform, that serves as the main study guide for the program. The ELP guides candidates through expertly curated reading modules, high-quality instructional videos narrated by K2 Integrity trainers, and other sanctions resources—with knowledge checks and practice quizzes embedded throughout.
  • Sanctions Analytic Framework: A rigorous, proprietary method for identifying, assessing, and managing sanctions risks, in the form of an interactive module. The framework provides a step-by-step guide that can be applied to any potential customer, deal, or transaction to analyze and mitigate sanctions-related risks, including those related to sanctions programs against Russia implemented by the U.S., EU, UK, and other authorities.
  • Scenario-based Training Exercises: Fact pattern scenarios and transaction alert exercises that allow you to practice applying the Sanctions Analytic Framework to hypothetical situations—based on real-world scenarios that participants are likely to encounter in undertaking their professional duties.
  • DOLFIN Access: Participants will continue their sanctions learning after the training with access to expertly curated resources and up-to-date information on evolving Russia-related sanctions through K2 Integrity’s eLearning platform, the Dedicated Online Financial Integrity Network, or DOLFIN, which allows 24/7 access to a premier global network of financial integrity professionals and resources.

Customization and Specialization Upgrades:
K2 Integrity can tailor content to meet the specific needs of audiences in a particular jurisdiction or institution, including with respect to particular jurisdictional authorities and requirements and institutional policies and procedures. Inquire for details.

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