In “Compliance: Light and Shades of Cybersecurity” (Capital Humano, May 2016), the Spanish monthly human resources magazine Capital Humano reports on a Capital Humano/K2 Intelligence breakfast briefing discussing the impact of the modern cyber threats on the corporate compliance function. Co-organized with Baker & McKenzie, the 1 March discussion revolved around preventive measures, the role of compliance officers, and cyber threats that companies need to be aware of when drafting and implementing their risk mitigation and fraud prevention policies. Bruce Goslin, executive managing director at K2 Intelligence Madrid, highlighted the cyber risks that companies are exposed to when associating with third parties. Participating in the symposium were compliance officers, risk managers, CIOs, and legal advisers of companies from the construction, pharmaceutical, transportation, real estate, technological, and retail trade sectors.

Read the full report prepared by Capital Humano (Spanish).