Offering builds on best-in-class bespoke program and leverages industry-leading expertise and technology

WASHINGTON, D.C. – 8 December 2021 K2 Integrity today announced the launch of its Global Sanctions Certification Program. The certification program is designed to train, test, and certify compliance professionals who demonstrate the technical expertise, skills, and judgment required to understand and effectively manage evolving sanctions and related financial security and reputational risks. It builds on a premium bespoke offering delivered over the past seven years to select enterprise clients, and is powered by K2 Integrity’s Dedicated Online Financial Integrity Network (DOLFIN) eLearning platform—the premier online workspace for the financial integrity community.

“Having a holistic compliance training program is essential for any financial services institution seeking to thrive in today’s landscape,” said Michele Malvesti, Ph.D., Managing Director, K2 Integrity, and head of K2 Integrity’s training, testing, and certification programs. “K2 Integrity’s Global Sanctions Certification Program provides an innovative solution. Engaging and dynamic, our program equips compliance professionals with the knowledge, tools, and rigorous methodologies they need to address the ever-expanding complexities of 21st-century sanctions risks.”

K2 Integrity’s Global Sanctions Certification Program has three core elements:

  • Training: The training element enables participants to develop and hone their technical expertise; equips them with a consistent methodology for identifying, assessing, and managing sanctions-related risk in a rigorous and practical way; and prepares candidates for the certification examination.
  • Testing and Evaluation: The required examination is designed to test candidates’ technical sanctions-related knowledge and their ability to identify, prioritize, and address risks associated with real-world sanctions compliance scenarios.
  • The DOLFIN Platform: Candidates enrolled in the program will receive access to DOLFIN and a specialized eLearning Plan (ELP) that will guide them through expertly curated reading modules, videos, “FINCast” podcasts, and other resources to help them prepare for the certification examination. The exam will be administered on the DOLFIN platform, and continuing education credits also will be available through DOLFIN to enable participants to maintain their certifications.

“We are excited to support the Global Sanctions Certification Program and all who participate in it,” said Danny McGlynn, Senior Managing Director, K2 Integrity, and head of DOLFIN. “DOLFIN provides something light years ahead of the study guides and flashcards offered by other certification programs. Participants get full access to DOLFIN’s (1) Resource Center, which includes a user-friendly library, on-demand videos and webinars, a “Red Flags” database, interactive maps, and regulatory and enforcement trackers; (2) Training Center, which automatically tracks students’ progress across foundational eLearning courses, advanced instructional videos, and continuing education resources; and (3) Community Center, which provides a virtual collaborative workspace that brings together diverse communities of practice across the public and private sector to discuss and share best practices on financial integrity issues.” 

Learn more about K2 Integrity’s Global Sanctions Certification Program.