Succeeding in the global marketplace requires the identification of information, an analysis of facts, and the mitigation of frequently uncertain risks to avoid economic and reputational loss, regulatory scrutiny, and costly, unfavorable outcomes in litigation. At K2 Integrity, we help clients gain control of risks that may threaten the value they have worked hard to build. We provide clients, their counsel, and other advisors and stakeholders with the relevant and timely information required to make fully informed business and legal decisions necessary to prevail in a complex, international operating environment.

Our goal is to establish facts and obtain actionable intelligence for our clients. We strive to become trusted advisors to our clients and to confidently support them every step of the way. Darren Matthews, Executive Managing Director and Regional Head of EMEA

Whether a company faces a regulatory inquiry or a criminal probe, is engaged in a commercial dispute, or is contemplating a cross-border transaction, K2 Integrity can provide the necessary research, intelligence, analysis, and investigative expertise to support the client through the entire process, providing insight, identifying risks, and often uncovering unexpected opportunities where we can protect our clients—and frequently advance their interests.

Bringing together professionals with a wide range of skills and disciplines, K2 Integrity’s global, multidisciplinary team is composed of former federal and state prosecutors, former law enforcement officials, intelligence experts, forensic accountants, computer forensics and technology consultants, data analytics specialists, former regulators, litigation support professionals, and experienced investigative experts with deep industry expertise. The diversity of backgrounds and approaches that our practitioners bring to every engagement means that our investigations are tailored to the needs of the client and adapted to the unique circumstances of each situation. This enables us to approach each investigation holistically, looking at it from every angle, and with the aim of resolving the problem in the quickest and most efficient manner.

Our investigations are supported by state-of-the-art technology to facilitate the interrogation and analysis of data, research into complex relationships, and the review of large volumes of documents and other disparate data. K2 Integrity leverages electronic discovery, computer forensics, and data analytics, combined with vetted investigative techniques, to assist clients with fact gathering to determine the salient facts of illegal or fraudulent activities, who was involved, and how the activities occurred.

The application of our investigative expertise is broad. We provide critical litigation intelligence in shareholder or other corporate disputes, intellectual property controversies, financial reporting cases, and international asset traces. Our reports have been used to resolve allegations of fraud and internal malfeasance; bribery, corruption, and money laundering investigations; whistleblower complaints; mergers and acquisitions; corporate control contests; and other factual disputes. K2 Integrity has supported clients with multijurisdictional regulatory inquiries and investigations, complex compliance issues, crucial business transactions, and bet-the-company litigation.

At K2 Integrity, we dig deep to identify, assess, and verify facts, and place them in context to help clients prevail in an increasingly complex and unpredictable world.