Dispute Advisory Services

Victory or defeat in a corporate dispute or arbitration is often the result of how successfully one side presents its own narrative and undermines the other side’s, whether in the courtroom or in the wider public realm. The difference between success and failure frequently comes down to having actionable intelligence, robust evidence, and an effective legal and communication strategy. 

K2 Integrity provides critical support to our clients and their legal and communications advisors. With backgrounds in investigation, law enforcement and intelligence, investigative journalism, and the regulatory, financial, and technological fields, our global multidisciplinary teams combine their expertise to obtain and analyze the intelligence and facts that enable our clients and their advisors to make every critical decision across the full life cycle of a dispute. 


We leverage our experienced team and global expertise to assess the strength and risk of a case, determine the likely ease or complexity of an investigation, and investigate the reputation and motivation of counterparties, their advisors, and witnesses. Our cybersecurity teams assist with assessing cyber risks and creating secure collaboration networks among the various stakeholders and advisors. 


We gather the evidence to support clients’ legal and communications strategies through the review of electronic data, including emails and other communications; digital forensic investigation; forensic accounting to demonstrate facts and quantity of loss; and open and human source investigation of the facts and witnesses. Exposure of a negative reputational campaign, and those behind it, can sway the perception of a case in court by demonstrating malice. We also work with our clients’ communications teams to shift the needle around public perception.


Our multidisciplinary teams assist with providing critical evidence to support a claim, whether derived from analysis of discovery materials, interviews with witnesses and other sources, or a broader investigation. Our investigators profile witnesses, probe newly disclosed information, and collaborate with legal teams to investigate specific areas in support of the strategy. 

In complex multijurisdictional cases—including class actions, antitrust cases, data breach litigation, and international arbitrations—our global investigative ability allows us to efficiently profile disparate plaintiffs, adversaries, and related parties to identify actionable intelligence.


Combining skills in investigative research, forensic accounting, digital forensics and cyber investigations, financial analysis, and intelligence analysis, our experts help clients navigate the quickly shifting contours of active litigation. In asset-related disputes, our asset tracing experts cut through the most complex corporate structures to establish the location and ownership of hidden assets and advise on options for recovery. 


We advise on strategy, negotiations, and settlement and recovery to ensure all critical decisions are addressed.