Internal Investigations

Internal investigations have a variety of triggers and the underlying topics include potential fraud, bribery and corruption, data leakage, and anti-competitive behavior, to name a few. The common objective is to determine whether employee misconduct has taken place.

Our teams of multidisciplinary experts including lawyers, forensic accountants, compliance professionals, and former investigators tackle complex internal investigations across the full range of issues. We help clients plan investigations, manage the messaging to key stakeholders, and deal with sensitive issues, for example where a whistleblower is involved. We work alongside external legal counsel or directly with the client, depending on the circumstances. We swiftly execute on the investigative plan, conducting large-scale data analysis using cutting-edge forensic technology and interviewing staff members. We update our clients promptly on findings that may require immediate action or internal escalation. Where appropriate, we can provide the client with intelligence that cannot be obtained from internal records, by applying our expertise in open source research and human source inquiries. We provide our clients with recommendations for improvement in their internal processes, and make constructive suggestions to prevent a recurrence of the incident.