Litigation Support

Properly handled, high-stakes disputes and litigation can result in extraordinary value; if mishandled, they can result in reputational damage, payouts, lost assets, and unrecovered fees. K2 Integrity litigation support professionals have a distinguished track record of guiding clients through even the most complex and intractable of disputes, deploying a broad array of investigative resources that bear up to the most intense scrutiny. We investigate instances of fraud, misconduct, individuals, companies, and issues related to disputes before, during, or after the start of legal proceedings.

Bespoke Investigations

Our litigation support investigations are tailored to the needs of the client and frequently support the legal strategies of law firms. Through investigative analysis of an adversary’s reputation, history, and potentially available assets, we bring essential information to light and are able to provide clients with the best information to manage a dispute. These efforts regularly result in trial-ready evidence that will unfailingly stand up in court.

Holistic Approach

Our professionals cover the entire spectrum of modern investigative theory and practice, with expert credentials in the law enforcement, legal, regulatory, financial, and technological fields. This enables us to approach each investigation holistically, looking at it from every angle, whether in support of our clients’ allegations or in response to those of their adversaries.

Make the Case

By combining advanced technologies and methodologies with traditional investigative work, we are able to deploy the resources needed to make or bolster a client’s case. To that end, we offer a wide range of highly effective litigation support services that enable us to find information to dismantle an opponent’s case—evaluating claims, conducting interviews, uncovering electronic evidence, and locating assets—all of which frequently prove decisive in successful outcomes.

These services include:

  • Background Investigations: Through comprehensive analysis, we compile detailed background information on an adversary’s reputation, background, relationships, and assets for possible use in litigation. A successful lawsuit often turns on insight into one’s adversaries and their motives. Every adversary, whether individual or corporate, has a history. Our litigation support team performs comprehensive background investigations yielding information pivotal to the dispute. Background investigation services include background research and analysis, damage assessments, dispute histories, and strategic consulting.
  • Asset Search and Recovery: We have the worldwide resources and expertise to locate hidden property—both financial and hard assets—and to devise strategies for its recovery. Identifying and recovering misappropriated or embezzled assets can be a complex and expensive challenge. We bring vast knowledge and resources to bear on finding well-hidden property; our investigators have successfully conducted some of the industry’s most sophisticated, and intriguing, asset searches. They expertly navigate the tangled web of shell companies, proxies, banking havens, and interlocking corporate structures that adverse parties often build to deliberately hide assets. Much of this work involves meticulous research in public records, including property records, loan statements, litigation records, corporate filings, media reports, and social media, in order to penetrate this vast sea of information and map it against the records of known associates and proxies. When public records are not sufficient, we have a worldwide network of on-the-ground contacts and subcontractors to help develop local leads, conduct interviews, and, if necessary, conduct surveillance.
  • Forensic and Investigative Accounting: We meticulously analyze an organization’s accounts and business records in search of anomalies that can be developed into evidence of fraud. K2 Integrity’s unique approach to investigating a potential financial issue combines technical forensic accounting and investigative accounting skillset with cutting-edge forensic technology and the ability to identify and obtain relevant external intelligence and information. Our diverse global team of specialists, including certified/chartered forensic accountants, legal experts, corporate investigators, and former regulators, determine how the wrongdoing arose, the impact on the business, and the losses that might occur as a result, as well assisting in mitigation and recovery steps.
  • Data Analytics: We leverage cutting-edge technology to dissect previously unmanageable data sets, to quickly discover links and connections, presenting our findings in a court-admissible graphical format. Data analytics can provide both a strategic advantage and an invaluable risk management tool within a dispute. By applying a unique combination of proprietary research gathering tools, data analytics software, and institutional investigatory expertise, our litigation support experts can extract coherent narratives from diffuse—and often opaque—data sources such as e-mail, phone records, ERP systems, transaction records, social network activity, and legal document repositories. We specialize in analysis, research and data visualization projects in a range of areas including complex litigation, political corruption, intellectual property theft, retail fraud, regulatory compliance, payroll and work site monitoring, UK Bribery Act and U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) violations, internal threats, and outlier behavior and anomaly detection.
  • Fact-finding: Through a variety of means, including surveillance and undercover operations, we expose information needed to develop compelling evidence in support of legal theories. At K2 Integrity, we provide companies and their legal counsel with the information needed to develop compelling evidence aimed at supporting their efforts in the courtroom—or bringing litigation to a halt before it gets to trial. Our litigation support skills and methods have proven effective for clients facing breach of contract, fraud, employee poaching, and class action lawsuits. Fact-finding services include evaluation of legal claims, investigative interviews, identification and vetting of potential expert witnesses, assessment of potential jurors, surveillance of individuals and groups, and undercover operations.
  • Witness Due Diligence: We develop dossiers on the character, background, and judgment of witnesses, whether hostile or friendly, and help lawyers anticipate their testimony.
  • Forensic Technology: We secure and analyze digital evidence in a forensically sound manner, using procedures and methods that will stand up under courtroom scrutiny. More and more, high-stakes lawsuits turn on evidence that is digital in nature. Securing digital assets in a forensically sound manner, using procedures and methods that will stand up in court, is crucial. Whether it is one specific device that needs to be forensically handled and analyzed or large amounts of electronic data from individual computers and servers, K2 Integrity is able to support clients and their legal counsels in securing evidence that is admissible in a court of law.
  • Forensic Engineering: Our forensic engineers leverage their extraordinary knowledge of today’s complex construction methods and evolving regulatory and safety standards, and how these differ geographically. Their expertise extends to evaluation of cost estimates, materials quality, standards, and usage, scheduling, billing, and payment.