Private Client Services

For high-profile and high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and their advisors, navigating the crossroads of opportunity and risk is an incredibly complex, fluid endeavor. As technology continuously redefines prevailing notions of security, privacy, and diligence, daily convenience and long-term stability hang in the balance. 

Backed by the global reach of a network built over decades, K2 Integrity’s Private Client Services team—including former prosecutors, law enforcement agents, cyber experts, research analysts, and forensic accountants—has the proven ability to help clients discreetly achieve and maintain this balance and protect what is most important: family, assets, and reputation. 

Available in real time, on a 24/7 basis, our team is called upon to assist clients and their families with managing risk across the threat spectrum, navigating critical situations including physical, cyber, and virtual matters. In addition to responsive assignments, the Private Client Services team works proactively with clients to identify vulnerabilities and raise defenses in order to avoid incidents in the first place.

We offer the following services: 

Family Global Risk Assessment

The security posture of high-net-worth families is far too often a patchwork of one-off solutions implemented in reaction to individual threats, usually after the fact. As families face a growing variety of sophisticated threats—cybercrime, privacy violations, fraud, extortion, even physical force—a broader perspective and a holistic approach are clearly called for. K2 Integrity looks at family security as a single problem with many interdependent parts. Through a combination of sophisticated technology, investigative expertise, and an unmatched international network of contacts and resources, we address the security needs of the family as a whole.

Inner Circle Due Diligence®

To manage their myriad assets—financial, professional, and personal—high-profile and high-net-worth individuals often employ a range of people and third-party entities who have near-unfettered access to highly confidential and sensitive information. Our investigators and analysts work diligently to evaluate those our private clients are letting get close to them, their assets, and their sensitive information, monitoring profiles and keeping track of unusual, suspicious, or erratic behavioral patterns that would call into question their trustworthiness. 

Cyber HouseCall®

Our current multidevice, multichannel, hyper-connected world introduces particular vulnerabilities, from unauthorized access from sophisticated cyber criminals to stalkers seeking to exploit or damage a family’s image, reputation, and career. We help strengthen personal cybersecurity for high-profile and high-net-worth individuals by reducing risk and vulnerability across all networks, accounts, and devices. Our team helps clients to increase security and reduce or eliminate security soft spots, risk, and exposure through locking down devices, accounts, and access points throughout your personal and professional networks.

Online Risk Assessments

Identity and privacy go hand in hand, and a compromise to one—no matter how small—can open the door to significant threats to our private clients’ physical safety, financial resources, and reputations that may not become readily apparent for days, weeks, or months. We combine cutting-edge technology with our investigative expertise to scan the vast array of digital environments to detect and assess threats to the clients’ physical and virtual realm.

Physical Security Assessments

Our team of security experts and former law enforcement professionals work with high-profile clients and their staffs to perform physical risk assessments of homes, offices, and other locations to identify soft targets or security vulnerabilities. We use the information we gather from these assessments to develop tailored programs that addresses their unique and specific needs for physical, personal, and asset protection.

Travel Security Consulting

Travel poses a specific set of risks and considerations for the high-net-worth individual. From creating travel security briefs and crisis management plans prior to travel, to providing protective details, to planning for safe havens, medical emergencies, or access evacuation services due to natural disasters or political unrest once on the ground, our range of security and prevention services ensure our clients feel safe and secure at every step of their journey.

Virtual Cyber HouseCall®

K2 Integrity bolsters the cybersecurity defenses of our high-profile and high-net-worth clients, their families, and their homes via remote interactive sessions. K2 Integrity Cyber HouseCall experts virtually conduct holistic reviews and assessments of clients’ security settings and configurations on home and personal devices. We also remotely analyze home networks, review wireless access points, secure online accounts, and educate clients on best practices and incident response.