Reputational Defense

Reputation is the foundation on which everything else is built, so when it is under attack there is no room for error. We help our clients retake control by identifying the sources and drivers behind a deliberate reputational attack, supporting their legal and public relations response to the threat.

When an individual's or organizations' reputation is under siege—whether through impersonation, the spreading of misinformation, or the raising of false accusations designed to undermine an ongoing effort—a focused investigation is the key to understanding, dismantling, and countering reputational harm resulting from smear campaigns, whether they are carried out through traditional media, fake news, social media, or through any other medium or forum.

Our global investigative teams marry traditional investigative experience with the entire spectrum of modern investigative and forensics practice, and include experts in investigative journalism, law enforcement, and the legal, regulatory, financial, and technological fields. By leveraging an array of investigative methods and tools ranging from sophisticated cyber forensics to source intelligence gathering and public records analysis, we identify compelling evidence to expose the sources of misinformation, the instigators and facilitators of the smear campaign, and other material that can be harnessed to support the client’s legal and public relations response.

Having established actionable intelligence and evidence, we work with our clients to formulate an effective response: making a referral to law enforcement, deploying findings in a legal case, or launching an eye-catching counternarrative to halt or redress the reputational harm.