Over the last two decades, government regulators, enforcement agencies, and the courts have increasingly turned to independent monitors to provide oversight as a condition of plea and settlement agreements. Just as significantly, companies have voluntarily sought the services of outside consultants and monitors to provide an independent assessment of the effectiveness of compliance efforts.

K2 Integrity is a recognized leader with vast experience serving as an independent monitor and consultant to large and mid-size banks and other financial institutions; as integrity or oversight monitor for corporate entities in construction, real estate, manufacturing, gaming, and the casino industries; as monitor for government entities and municipalities; and as monitor or compliance officer for investors, strategic acquirers, and sellers pursuant to CFIUS mitigation agreements and orders. Our teams have unmatched skills and competencies in compliance, risk management, governance, and investigations, including experience and credibility from appearing before government regulators and enforcement authorities, as well as an acute understanding of regulatory requirements. Our multidisciplinary approach aligns our subject-matter expertise with our seasoned monitoring professionals, comprising former prosecutors, senior government officials, computer forensics and technology experts, data analytics professionals, forensic engineers, and forensic accountants.

K2 Integrity is known for the independence and insight we bring to these projects to mitigate future violations and minimize fraud, waste, and abuse on an ongoing basis. We are a leader in the oversight of a broad range of public and private projects, including those related to public construction works, infrastructure initiatives, and disbursement of COVID and CARES Act funding. Whether mandated under an enforcement action when an organizations corporate governance or compliance systems have failed, or proactively implemented, an independent monitor is the tool business leaders use to ensure laws and regulations are followed and breaches are resolved.

Though the circumstances may vary, every sector of business involves some form of regulatory and legal oversight, from the requirements under the federal Bank Secrecy Act down to prevailing state and local wage laws. We assist business leaders who are expected to work within these requirements and help to identify, prioritize, and manage risks in order to establish effective compliance programs that support business operations and remedy uncovered violations.