Enormous increases in data, advancements in the digital landscape, and an ever-changing regulatory environment are bringing unique challenges to private and public entities, financial institutions, and high-net-worth individuals. These market disruptors are leading to business issues that need to be addressed efficiently, effectively, and on a timely basis. Yesterday’s technology and human resources no longer match today’s information needs. And costly off-the-shelf solutions, with lengthy learning curves, are not meeting the challenge.

K2 Integrity's in-house innovation lab, AgileTechnologies, helps our clients manage their most complex business challenges. It offers turn-key technology tailored for clients of all sizes and does so without creating lengthy learning curves. The AgileTechnologies innovation lab builds off the firm’s strategic focus on technology and the application of state-of-the art advancements to investigative and advisory assignments worldwide.

The AgileTechnologies team of software developers, data specialists, business process experts, and system engineers has an advanced understanding of the capabilities, strengths, and limitations of a wide range of software, data discovery solutions, and investigative tools. By assessing each situation side by side with investigative practitioners, the team is able to understand, incubate, and deliver end-to-end solutions based on automation and machine learning that relate directly to the client’s business. These technology solutions are efficient, actionable, and often customized to achieve the client’s goals.

This spirit of entrepreneurism and innovation extends into the development of technologies that address a broad landscape of client challenges. From helping financial institution clients ensure that enterprise-wide anti-money laundering (AML) and due diligence programs respond to compliance requirements completely, correctly, and efficiently to building out automated systems critical in the analysis and tracking of suspicious activity reports (SARs) in financial services lookbacks, the AgileTechnologies team has embraced a new way of working in order to nurture novel solutions to manage the challenge at hand.

The AgileTechnologies team frequently goes beyond simply harnessing data analytics, creating individualized tools needed for sensitive investigative challenges. By using customized machine learning to search through enormous quantities of unstructured emails, they were able to quickly find, organize, date, and extract answers in a highly sensitive cyber breach. By normalizing disparate datasets and processing data from multiple sources in a complex litigation, they were able to search and sift for patterns, cost-effectively finding answers others had missed. And by using machine learning, they were able to understand the human investigative process, transferring timely, mundane tasks to machines eliminating costly human error.

Our capabilities also include data analytics and visualization tools that provide a strategic advantage and act as an invaluable risk management tool within a dispute or litigation. We specialize in analysis, research, and data visualization projects in a range of areas including complex litigation, political corruption, intellectual property theft, retail fraud, regulatory compliance, payroll and work site monitoring, UK Bribery Act and U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) violations, internal threats, and outlier behavior and anomaly detection.

We provide our clients with professional services, technology, and expertise to help them address 21st-century risks as they seek to expand, invest, and do business around the world.