With two decades of experience in bank fraud investigations and anti-money laundering compliance—including the creation of early-warning systems to detect potential money laundering and suspicious activity—Thomas Bock was recruited by K2 Integrity in 2012 to lead the firm’s Financial Crimes Risk and Compliance Practice.

Lisa Silverman’s work is all about finding the proverbial smoking gun. As senior managing director at global corporate-investigations firm K2 Integrity, LLC. Silverman, who is based in Chicago, conducts multinational investigations for clients usually looking to identify bad actors in high-stakes white-collar dealings.

A job in forensic accounting and witnessing the impact of money laundering on a revered financial institution launched Brett Manwaring’s career in financial crimes risk management (FCRM), with a focus on anti-money laundering (AML), financial crime prevention, and regulatory matters. After serving as a compliance officer in the Enterprise Financial Crimes Compliance group at JPMorgan Chase & Co., he joined K2 Integrity in 2012. He has helped clients work through dark days, but he sees a bright future for banks as they work to improve their AML compliance and stop financial crimes.

Using forensic accounting tools to hunt down fraudsters is life’s work for Raymond Dookhie—a job that at times is intense and difficult. It’s not surprising, then, that his other passion may very well be the polar opposite: spinning records at family’s and friends’ events (at no charge, of course). “I play Indo-Caribbean music, Soca (‘Soul of Calypso’), reggae, Bollywood covers—fun, fast-paced dance music.”

K2 Integrity associate managing director Nicoletta Kotsianas has been the driving force behind the identification of an international scam artist and a critical ally of law enforcement in its pursuit of the perpetrator—initially pegged “The Con Queen of Hollywood.”